I know this title seems a little click-baity, but truly it's what happened to me, and I've made it happen for sooooo many clients this year. I feel like creative businesses just have no idea the magic of Pinterest therefore they devote hours and hours to other platforms that take much longer to grow until you bite the bullet and pay 100's of dollars for ads.

Pinterest is just less needy than your average social media platform and tends to give back in spades for every second you spend on it.

Here's why 1.5 hours can work: Pinterest just wants to do three main things.

1. Post frequently: It likes 15-30 new pins per day. Point #3 makes this easy and tells you where these pins should be from.

2, Post consistently: Ideally, it wants you to engage daily (you definitely don't have to, but thats not as hard as it sounds either). Also, it wants to know what you're gonna post and what you're all about, so just stay within the normal parameters of your site (whether that means one aesthetic or only wedding stuff). That way it realizes you're an expert at something specific and knows what users to send your way.

3. Not be selfish (aka just posting from your own site): Post 60% other people's content (repin or just share from other websites) and 40% that link to your website. You're going to take the most time on your own Pin creation and descriptions. The keywords you put in those descriptions is what gets your content found. The other repins you find... not so important that the descriptions are detailed. It's only important that they're consistent with your brand. That means posting the 60% can take literally 5 minutes... that's 9-18 pins from around Pinterest and 6-12 pins from your site that you take time on. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

Already know that Pinterest rules, but have no clue how to use it to get thousands of page views? Check out my online course, Pinterest for Bloggers.

I wrote about why it's better than other visual platforms so I won't keep dissing on other platforms (ahem Instagram), but what I want to share next is how to make the most of your limited time on Pinterest and give you 3 options for spending this 1.5 hours that'll make Pinterest love ya and want to send all its users to your content.

1. 15 minutes for 6 days/week

To help Pinterest know you are active and if you just don't want to be sitting still for too long, this is incredibly easy to squeeze into your schedule. You can literally do it right when you wake up really quickly or right when you get home from work.

Bonus points if you can keep this schedule consistent and at the optimal time for your audience (but don't go crazy with that stuff!).

No matter what (for all 3 of these options) make your first 5 pins from your site ---> your next 10-25 pins can be from wherever. The algorithm just pays special attention to these first 5 pins you share each day and can put them out on to your followers, so make that count. Also don't make them the exact same content since they could end up seeing them in a row.

2. 30 minutes for 3 days/week (MWF)

Don't want to add something to your daily to-do list? Batch it out on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's instead. Same rules apply as above. It's just another way to spread out your schedule consistently.

BTW this is how I do it for my clients.

3. 1.5 hours for 1 day/week

This is the best option, but it requires an expense. An expense that's way worth it, in my opinion.... Tailwind. It's a Pinterest scheduling program that can make your life so easy. It helps create a schedule for pinning that has time slots for your optimal posting time (based on your audience's previous engagement).

You can basically say, "I want to pin x times in a day, create my ideal schedule," and it will do that. Then you just use a browser button to pin from your site, around the internet or repinning on Pinterest. You can add your captions then, select the boards you want the pins to go to and it sends them out at those ideal times.

Want to try it out for $15 off your first month? Use that handy-dandy affiliate link.

P.S. It's only $109 per year, and the time and results that'll bring you + Tailwind tribes... guys, it's so worth it. I promise to write more about it or do a course on it soon.

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